Need to Retrofit without Sacrificing Design?

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Healthier Spaces
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Need to Retrofit without Sacrificing Design?
Cleaner, quieter, healthier spaces
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Armstrong solutions are designed to contribute to cleaner, quieter, and healthier spaces. Here are some ceiling, suspension system, and partition solutions that can help retrofit spaces without sacrificing design.
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Today's Changing Spaces Address Post-Pandemic Needs
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To address post-pandemic needs, all types of spaces in all types of buildings are being reconsidered. In some, floor plans are changing. We're de-densifying. Adding more hard surfaces to allow cleanability. Considering new wall dividers to help create zones and distance occupants. Flexibility is key.
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Spina O'Rourke + Partners Case Study
Sound Plays Critical Role in Exposed Structure Spaces
When designing its new offices in West Palm Beach, Spina O'Rourke + Partners knew that controlling sound would play a critical role in how well the exposed structure space would function. Unwilling to compromise the aesthetics, O'Rourke reached out to her Armstrong representative who told her about ACOUSTIBuilt seamless acoustical ceilings, a new ceiling system that provides the monolithic look of drywall in a high-performing, sustainable acoustical ceiling.
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Transform Shared Spaces
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Create segmented areas with nonporous, cleanable wall partitions, artfully designed in a variety of contemporary colors and patterns with cleanable surfaces. With some panels available to ship in one week, retrofit quickly in spaces that need to accommodate social distancing.
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