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The American Coatings Show has been postponed, but Paint & Coatings Industry magazine wants to make sure that you still have access to the technology and products that companies planned to exhibit this month. Click on the links provided to learn more about these companies’ latest innovations.

Adding Value to a World of Products
MÜNZING has a wide range of additives to meet the demands of a diverse industry. Among our new product offerings are METOLAT® ETC 1, a new additive that improves dirt pick-up resistance and provides ‘easy to clean’ surfaces, and AGITAN® 352, a renewable bio-based defoamer compliant with a wide range of food contact regulations.

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Quality Ingredients, Industry Experience
With a 75-year history of innovation and growth, Acme-Hardesty has become a leading distributor of bio-based products and specialty ingredients. We provide quality ingredients, industry experience, and technical knowledge to enable our customers to meet the demands of their rapidly changing markets and develop solutions to their formulation challenges.

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Customized Resins Without the Headache
Celebrating more than 50 years of polymer innovation, Specialty Polymers supplies water-based emulsion polymers to paint and coatings manufacturers of all sizes. Our experienced chemists and dedicated sales team recognize that each customer is unique. Creating a customized polymer to fit the exact performance and formulation needs is what we do best, without the red tape and hassle of other suppliers.


High-performance pigments from specialty chemicals company LANXESS can do more than just color. Find out about the variety of purposes and technical applications our iron oxides can enhance.

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Improve your coatings with new, innovative polymers that can help you meet stringent VOC regulations. EPS® 2580 is a direct-to-metal polymer offering exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance. EPS® 2252 delivers outstanding adhesion to low-surface-energy substrates like TPO and EPDM.

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Cabot’s performance additives improve the color, processing, application, strength and thermal properties of coating systems. Our portfolio includes specialty carbon blacks for jetness and conductivity, fumed silica/alumina, aerogel and aqueous dispersions for advanced rheology control, scratch resistance, gloss and matting.

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Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate Anionic Surfactants
The double-anionic character of Calfax® products gives users the ability to work in a variety of chemical environments including extremes of pH and temperature, high levels of salts, and strong oxidizing environments.

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Azelis Americas CASE, Dependable, Experienced and Solid as a Rock.
As the leading distributor of specialty chemicals to the U.S. CASE market, Azelis Americas CASE is uniquely positioned to provide dependability of products and superior technical assistance.

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Chromaflo Technologies
One of the largest independent global suppliers of colorant/tinting systems, chemical and pigment dispersions, serving customers in architectural and industrial coatings as well as the thermoset composites market.

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We Protect, and We Care More!
Everlight Chemical has been devoted to weatherability solutions for more than two decades. Commitment to sustainability is always our core value, and we believe only better chemistry could provide a better life for people. With continuous innovation, Everlight Chemical provides weatherability solutions tailor-made for different coatings, helping customers enjoy high-efficient protection together with excellent processability and environmental friendliness.

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Do you Want Lower Free Formaldehyde, Lower Bisphenol A, Lower Phenolic Monomer Resins?
Our new product offerings may enable you to meet regulatory and labeling challenges. Or consider our crosslinker and rheology modifiers for powder coatings. They join our established, proven resole and novolac phenolic resins that have been enhancing coatings for over 35 years.

Coating Hardness, Elastic Modulus, Adhesion and More
Nanoindentation and Progressive Load Scratch testers to measure mechanical properties of coatings. Determine coating to substrate adhesion, hardness, elasticity and self-healing with a click of a button.

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Bühler’s latest innovation, the Visconomic+™, allows high flow rates even with high viscous products. The unique chamber design provides efficient wet grinding and dispersing. Visconomic+™ has flexible control options and provides temperature control while the ceramic inner liner offers efficient cooling and improved wear performance. Our different control options allow you to choose the most cost-efficient solution for your needs. From our ‘Comfort’ control to an integrated IoT plant solution, our experts can work with you to find the best solution.

HERO Products Group is a leading global manufacturer of paint dispensing and mixing equipment for the paint and coatings industry. Our product line includes colorant dispensing and mixing/shaking equipment for point of sale and in-plant production use. Learn about the HERO Advantage at or call us at 1-800-494-4376.

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