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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

Announcing Siltech Coatings Farm to Lab Additives with Enhanced Bio-Sourced Content
We have made some of our standard additives with the organic components sourced from the farm instead of the oilfield. To obtain a sample of these newly designed proven materials click below.


Finish Faster with UV-Cured Powder Coating from Keyland Polymer
UV-cured powder coating is an efficient, environmentally friendly and fast coating solution for wood, plastic, metal, carbon fiber and composite substrates. Our capabilities include R&D development, powder formulation, UV powder manufacturing and more. Let our team help you develop and validate a complete coating solution for your product.

See Key Benefits.

See Key Benefits
The best-in-class just got better. Now you can monitor the status of the Atlas Ci4400 Weather-Ometer® from anywhere in the world. The new WXViewII™ Data Acquisition System remotely collects test parameter and control system data in real time from any Ci4400 instrument connected to a user’s local area network.

Download the WXView II flyer

Get a better pre-mix with Admix high shear dispersion
Admix dispersion technology employs high shear and pumping of up to 3X that of conventional dispersion blades. The result is more effective dispersions and emulsions for a more uniform product and streamlined production. Contact Shawn McManus at Admix to see how you can achieve a better pre-mix!

Azelis Americas CASE, a specialty chemical distribution company, builds unwavering loyalty by helping our paint & coatings customers solve their most complex problems and accelerate sales. Discover our Azelis application labs which specialize in custom formulations to fit our customers’ needs.

Check Out Our Labs!

Chem-Fuse Diaphragm from Wilden
When determining the level of performance your AODD pump can provide to your paint and coatings operation, selecting the right type of diaphragm is significant to delivering an elevated level of pumping performance. That’s why Wilden® has engineered its Chem-Fuse Diaphragms to deliver increased performance, reliability, safety, and cost effectiveness – lasting up to 3x longer than conventional diaphragms, increasing flow and suction lift by 100% compared to PTFE laminate diaphragms, and providing easy cleanability for changeovers between products. Wilden Chem-Fuse Diaphragms also eliminate a potential leak point at the outer piston, making them the best choice for coatings applications.


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