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PCI Must See Products and Services
The American Coatings Show has been postponed, but Paint & Coatings Industry magazine wants to make sure that you still have access to the technology and products that companies planned to exhibit this month. Click on the links provided to learn more about these companies’ latest innovations.

BYK's Additives for an Optimized Future
BYK USA is a leading supplier of specialty additives which are used to optimize production and application processes and visibly improve the qualities of the finished products. BYK offers premium solutions across a variety of applications. Our closeness to customers and markets enables a deeper understanding of specific challenges in the most diverse applications.

HOCKMEYER NexGen Mill: Faster Production and Optimal Particle Size Distribution
For over 70 years, Hockmeyer has supplied custom-designed, high-quality dispersion and milling equipment to customers around the globe. The NexGen Recirculation Mill is state of the art in particle size reduction. Increase your yield and profits while decreasing machine down-time with Hockmeyer today!

For more information, click here.

UV Weathering Testing’s New Standard
The Atlas UVTest is the most economical, easy-to-use fluorescent weathering device with controlled irradiance available. The innovative design lowers operating cost, improves reproducibility, offers unmatched safety during calibration, and provides best-in-class distribution of irradiance and temperature. And all Atlas fluorescent lamps deliver significantly longer service life than competitor lamps.

Be sure to visit us at to discover all that we have to offer you.

CMC Increases Processing Range, With NEW Wide Capacity Tank Design!
We have taken our batch mill to the next level with NEW Wide Capacity Tank Design! The new cone-shaped tank allows for a wider range of batch sizes, giving you more flexibility with your production. At CMC we understand the importance of being able to quickly adjust and meet market demands.

Contact us for more information.

Organo-Functional Silicones
Siltech Corporation develops, manufactures and markets a full, unique line of organo-functional silicones. With more than 25 years of experience and two manufacturing plants, Siltech offers high-quality Silmer® reactive silicones as well as Siltech additives. These materials add flexibility, elongation, impact resistance and strength to organic resins.


Additives from keim additec
Keim additec surface offers water-based ULTRALUBE® wax additives for coatings, OPVs, lacquer, wood stain, adhesive and polishes; SILCONA — highly efficient SILCO additives as SILCO SPERSE dispersants, SILCO WET, SILCO FLW, SILCO GLIDE, SILCO PHOBE and SILCO AF defoamers; EUROCERAS — unique range of synthetic CERALENE® polyester waxes; and CERONAS — brand name mju:wax® innovative micronized waxes for, lacquer, coatings, for aqueous, solventborne aqueous and powder coating — with a high degree of renewable origin.

Learn more from keim additec surface.


Sun Chemical: An Extensive Range of Innovative Pigments, Resins and Additives
Sun Chemical is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds, and application materials. Together with DIC, Sun Chemical has annual sales of more than $7.5 billion and over 20,000 employees with regional manufacturing in North America, South America, Europe and Asia to support customers around the world.

High-Quality Gellant Attapulgite Mineral Products
Active Minerals International is the world’s largest producer of high-quality gellant attapulgite mineral products. Our Min-U-Gel® thixotropic thickening and suspension products have served the coatings market for many decades, providing multiple benefits including excellent flow and leveling, syneresis control, in-can stability, and partial replacement of other rheology modifiers. They offer one of the best values in rheology modification by adding distinct performance and cost advantages to a wide range of liquid systems. Acti-Gel® 208 purified aluminosilicate is the next generation in technology and provides added benefits including an increase in solids without raising viscosity.

For more information, click here.

Color Innovation and Excellence
Pan Technology, Inc. is known for its expertise in pigment dispersion technology. We bring innovation and color to the architectural, industrial coatings and construction markets. Our innovative PanTINT® line-up of easy dispersible powder pigment preparations are the latest in MIX-ONLY dispersions.

  • High pigment loadings
  • Resinated or non-resinated platforms
  • Ideal for aqueous, solvent and 100% solids systems.

For more information, visit

Evonik Corporation Coating Additives
The Coating Additives business line of Evonik is a leading supplier of additives, silicas, co-binders, and resins to the coatings and inks industries. Our world-famous brands – ACEMATT® , AEROSIL® , SPHERILEX® , SURFYNOL® , TEGO® , and more – comprise an extensive product portfolio that consists of traditional additives (defoamers, deaerators, dispersants, etc.), matting agents, rheology modifiers, fillers, extenders, co-binders, and resins.

Visit to discover how we can add real value to your coating formulations.

Technology, Performance, Service, Sustainability, Partnership and Value
Go beyond what you expect from a partner. With advanced preservatives & additives backed by expert technical service, regulatory guidance, and reliable supply, Troy delivers exceptional value. Go beyond with Troy.

Celebrate 100 Years of Innovation with Ferro!
The Ferro Pigments team invites you to join the Ferro® 100 years celebration of innovation in pigments. Discover our latest developments by clicking on the link below. We are looking forward to discussing how our pigments can meet your needs and how we can offer the right color solution for your coatings and inks.

Learn more

Products and Solutions
Advancing a more sustainable future for the North America's coatings market is front and center for Clariant. And with new products and proven solutions fit for evolving segment needs, we're more than ready to support the industry as it picks up the sustainability pace.

For more information, click here.

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