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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's MUST VISIT Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations that will be on exhibit at Coatings Trends & Technologies, Sept. 8-9 in Lombard, IL. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies and the technology they provide to coatings formulators.

Key Formulating Ingredients

Organic pigments; gum rosins and resins; attapulgite and kaolin clay; fillers; soybean, linseed and castor oils; TiO2; zinc dust and oxide; and plasticizers. Key ingredients to a coatings formulation available from R.E. Carroll Inc. Come see us at Booth 10 at the CTT show in Chicago.

A Different Kind of Polymer Company

Specialty Polymers is a manufacturer of water-based polymers and adhesives. Our products are designed with our customers in every application to provide the best solution. We’ve built a staff of outstanding chemists and sales associates, with at least one of each working together and collaborating with customers on every project. See us at Booth 55 at Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT)!

Chemist Collaboration

Our chemists are sharing their discoveries made in Azelis CASE application labs! Learn new ways to solve a formulating problem, get ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with our chemists. Save time on your projects as we have a proven solution for you. That’s how Azelis offers Innovation through Formulation! Stop by Booth 6 at CTT to learn more!

Evonik Coating Additives

We look forward to meeting you in-person again at CTT! Stop by Booth 23 to chat with our experts about the latest advancements in the coatings industry. Until then, check out our websites to stay up to date on our new products and services, including our new knowledge-sharing platform: COATINO® Campus!

Visit BYK-Gardner at CTT Table 69

Looking for solutions to test solid color, fluorescence, effect pigments, gloss, surface texture, color harmony, or even dispersion? Talk with an expert at the event! Can’t attend CTT? We have a virtual booth available on our website. Click here to tour Our Virtual Exhibit.

Chemical Distribution

Lintech is a leading national specialty chemical distributor of resins, monomers, additives, pigments and performance minerals. Lintech serves a wide variety of markets including coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, adhesives and composites. Lintech is ISO 9001:2015 certified and proud to be a Women’s Business Enterprise National Certified company (WBENC).


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