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The American Coatings Show has been postponed, but Paint & Coatings Industry magazine wants to make sure that you still have access to the technology and products that companies planned to exhibit this month. Click on the links provided to learn more about these companies’ latest innovations.

Arkema offers a wide range of SYNOCURE® NISO resins from standard to high solids along with epoxy acrylic hardeners to help you design paint formulations with the desired performance.

  • SYNOCURE® 892 Resin for industrial coatings where durability, value, performance in extreme conditions and low VOC capability are important
  • SYNOCURE® 899 Resin, a hardener alternative for non-isocyanate resins

Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Coatings Layers
Shimadzu’s ultra micro hardness tester is ideally suited for quick, simple evaluation of the physical properties of coating layers, such as DLC coatings, in the micro region. With low test forces and precision depth measurement, it supports a wide range of testing methods. Learn more.

Have you heard about the new Brenntag North America Coatings & Construction Technology & Innovation Center?
We have experts in all application types including adhesives, coatings, construction, elastomers and sealants. Through proof of concept formulation support, innovative supply chain solutions, and access to raw materials from world-class suppliers, our technical team provides customers improved commercialization time for new products.

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Antimicrobials that Protect Your Business
Lonza offers a wide range of antimicrobial chemistries that can be formulated in many different ways to meet our customers’ needs in the paint and coatings industry. We are Protecting Your Business™ offering quality products backed by strong regulatory and toxicology expertise. Our extensive global infrastructure helps to ensure continuity of supply, technical support and expert service to customers wherever they do business around the world.


Global Supplier for REACH-Compliant PTFE
As a global leader in PTFE micro-powders, Shamrock has focused our recent efforts to supply our customers with regards to REACH-compliant PTFE. Our new RC products are made to comply with Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1000 amending Annex XVII of REACH pertaining to PFOA (Shamrock QSOP- 202E), where we test each and every lot of product to be sure that the products we ship will meet all of your requirements, inclusive of performance and regulatory.

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Performance Starts Here: Elementis Launches Performance Series
The newly launched “Elementis Performance Series” was developed to showcase proven technologies and how they can improve your final formulations. The performance series highlights starting additive packages that can be used together as a system or individually to create high-quality paint, adhesives or construction mortars. At Elementis, Performance starts here.

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Mallard Creek
MCP continues to invest in R&D to create water-based polymers based on pure acrylic, styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene and vinyl acetate chemistries. Through the Ecronova® intellectual property acquisition, MCP is introducing new products which are APEO-free, exhibit ambient cure crosslinking and have unique film formation capability.

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Specialist in waterborne rheological solutions for sustainable coatings and adhesives formulations. A strong expertise and robust portfolio, Coatex is your reliable partner to enhance your formulations with confidence.

RE Carroll
Organic pigments, gum rosins and resins, alumina trihydrate, attapulgite clay, fillers, soybean, linseed and castor oils, zinc dust and oxide and plasticizers, key ingredients to a coatings formulation available from R.E. Carroll Inc.

The IBC Resource!
American Machining, Inc. has a reputation in the paint and coatings industry as The IBC Resource! For over 40 years, AMI has produced quality stainless steel totes, mixing equipment and IBC parts. As an integrated business, we offer tote repairs, recertification and cleaning services. Cygnet, our sister company, is the only fully automated, ISO 9001:2015-certified cleaning facility for stainless steel IBC containers in the U.S.A.

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Waterborne Emulsions and Dispersions
Alberdingk Boley is a global manufacturer of waterborne emulsions and dispersions for the coatings, adhesives and printing ink industries. The U.S. manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC produces a variety of products including acrylics, polyurethanes, polyurethane and epoxy acrylic hybrids, and castor oil based polyols. Visit for further information.

Leading Specialty Chemical Distributor
Since 1983, Lintech International has partnered with leading chemical manufacturers in order to supply our coatings customers with the highest quality resins, monomers, curatives, additives, pigments, and performance minerals available. With 13 warehouses across the nation and a sales team with extensive technical experience, Lintech has you covered!

Lintech International | 877-LINTECH

The LUMIRO™ Difference From Color Matching to Custom Dispersions…
LUMIRO™ is Fitz Chem’s signature colorant line made for the demanding, high-performance environments found in architectural and industrial coatings applications. Made from the highest quality raw materials, LUMIRO™ ensures superior product performance and vibrant color consistency.

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