Glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today.

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PCI Must See Products and Services
Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

Do Your Products Shine Bright Like a Diamond?
Shepherd Color’s StarLight® special-effect pigments capture the sparkle to make your products shine brightly. The key to the distinct and unique appearance of StarLight comes from its glass flake substrate. StarLight pigments stir-in to liquid coatings without the need for special processing or dispersion steps. Read to learn more.

Visit Shepherd Color at

Customized Polymers Without Limits
Celebrating more than 50 years of polymer innovation, Specialty Polymers supplies water-based emulsion polymers to paint and coatings manufacturers of all sizes. Our experienced chemists and dedicated sales team recognize that each customer is unique. Creating a customized polymer to fit the exact performance and formulation needs is what we do best, without the red tape and hassle of other suppliers.


UV Weathering Testing’s New Standard
The Atlas UVTest is the most economical, easy-to-use fluorescent weathering device with controlled irradiance available. The innovative design lowers operating cost, improves reproducibility, offers unmatched safety during calibration, and provides best-in-class distribution of irradiance and temperature. And all Atlas fluorescent lamps deliver significantly longer service life than competitor lamps.

Be sure to visit us at to discover all that we have to offer you.

Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate Anionic Surfactants
The double-anionic character of Calfax® products gives users the ability to work in a variety of chemical environments including extremes of pH and temperature, high levels of salts, and strong oxidizing environments.

For more information, click here.

An All-In-One Batch Manufacturing Software System
VicinityChem is a comprehensive ERP software system designed for chemical manufacturers that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online® or Microsoft Dynamics®. From generating compliance documents to tracking real-time material costs, VicinityChem gives chemical manufacturers the tools and flexibility needed to unify business departments, improve operations and drive sustainable growth.

Visit VicinityChem for more information.

Color Tolerancing 101: Understanding the Basics
Attend this free webinar hosted by X-Rite to master the basics of color tolerancing. Why is tolerancing so critical to accurate color? Even when using spectral data and tolerances to quantify color, customers can still disagree. To ensure expectations are clear and everyone is aligned, it’s important to select and use the right tolerancing method.

Duration: 60 minutes
Speaker: Tim Mouw, Tim is the manager of the Applications Engineering and Technical Support Team for X-Rite in the Americas.

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