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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's MUST VISIT Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations that will be on exhibit at the American Coatings Show, April 5-7 in Indianapolis. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies and the technology they provide to coatings formulators. And be sure to stop by their booths at the show!

Acrylic Resins for Sustainable Coatings

Formulate innovative, sustainable coatings for the construction, industrial, and architectural segments using EPS® acrylic resins. With a personalized approach, innovative technology, consistent product performance, formulation support, and exceptional technical service, we help you to bring the best product to market and enhance your competitive edge. Visit us at booth 2364.

Learn more and order a sample

Solutions for Coatings and Inks

We are excited to meet you on the show floor again at the American Coatings Show! Swing by booth #2030 to chat with our experts about our latest product and service innovations for the coatings and inks industries. In the meantime, check out our website to explore the world of coating additives.
Solutions and Innovations for Coatings

Visit NAGASE Specialty Materials at ACS Booth 1360 to Discover how we Manufacture Solutions and Distribute Innovation.
Download the ACS Solutions Guide

Announcing Siltech Coatings Additives with Enhanced Bio-Sourced Content

We have made some of our conventional additives using organic components sourced from the farm instead of the oilfield. The picture shows drawdowns of a WB, 1K PUD with 0.5% of our Siltech C-400 compared to the same formulation with C-400 made from bio-sourced organic components. The bio-based sample is on the left.

To obtain a sample of these newly designed proven materials click here.


A Chemical Distributor with Creative Sourcing Solutions

TRInternational’s extensive product knowledge provides businesses with custom sourcing solutions. As a women-owned business, our team will help you live up to your mission statement by diversifying your supply chain.

Visit our company booth at the American Coatings Show on April 5-7th (Booth #2868) and the World Adhesive and Sealant Conference on April 25-27th (Booth #403/405) to learn more.

Mixing Equipment

Admix is your solution for highly efficient dispersion and agitation equipment. Come to the Admix booth (#2865) to see our Rotosolver® high shear mixer in action. Admix mixing equipment provides the highest shear and flow so you can improve your process and reduce media mill screen clogging. Ask about equipment trials!
Specialty Carbon Black and Silica Additives

Cabot offers a wide portfolio of high-performing specialty carbon black and silica additives that perform well in environmentally responsible water-based systems. With these products and our deep application expertise we can help you formulate the perfect coating.

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