Secured Forum Brings Comprehensive Cyber Discussion to Security Industry

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SDM is excited to bring you this exclusive Integrator Insider series, in partnership with PSA Security Network. Throughout the year, this series will bring you videos, news, tools and training information that will help you succeed. On behalf of our team, thank you for reading!

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Cyber: Secured Forum Brings Comprehensive Cyber Discussion to Security Industry
"If anyone came into it thinking they had it pretty well covered they were likely quickly disabused of that notion. However, the overall tone of the event was far from hand wringing. On the contrary, the whole point was to bring together experts from nearly every angle of the problem to share information and ideas on how the security industry can stay on top of a crisis it only identified in recent years."

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State of the Market: Access Control 2018
There is a frequently used analogy when it comes to the access control space, particularly at the larger, enterprise level: Big ships don't turn around quickly or easily. For the last several years access control manufacturers have continued to innovate and promote new solutions and technologies (from wireless readers to big data, mobile credentials to cloud solutions, and more).

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Here's What You Missed at Cyber: Secured Forum 2018
The inaugural Cyber:Secured Forum left attendees with a new perspective on what it really means to protect their clients and their company from cybersecurity threats. Watch the highlights reel and download the summary report for a look at what you missed at last month's event.

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Securing VMS Against Cyber Attacks
Cyber security in everyday life has become a major concern for virtually anyone who has a device connected to the Internet. The list of networked devices continues to grow, creating even greater opportunities for would-be hackers to gain access to networks. In the security industry, where IP-based solutions have become the norm, this is particularly prescient, meaning security integrators have to stay on top of the issue, particularly when it comes to securing video management systems (VMS).

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Four Reasons Integrators Should Consider a Managed Services (RMR) Model
A managed services, recurring monthly revenue (RMR) business model can be a game changer for security integrators. Here are four reasons why you should consider sticking your foot in the door with an RMR model.

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