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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

Create a More Sustainable World with K-KAT® Non-Tin Catalysts

Join King Industries in creating a more sustainable world by replacing your tin catalysts with K-KAT®. K-KAT® non-tin catalysts are environmentally friendly and help you achieve regulatory compliance without sacrificing performance in your 1K PU, 2K PU, and silane formulations. Benefits include an improved pot life/cure time relationship, less gassing in the presence of water, improved low temperature cure response, and excellent film properties. Contact Dylan LaFerriere (, K-KAT® Technical Sales Representative to learn how to make the switch from tin today!


Announcing Siltech Farm to Lab Coatings Additives with Enhanced Bio-Sourced Content

We have made some of our standard additives with the organic components sourced from the farm instead of the oilfield. The Silsurf Bio series of additives provide the same great performance but are largely made from botanical plants instead of petroleum plants.


Weathering Testing Seminars

Atlas, the world leader in weathering testing, offers a wide range of free educational seminars through its Atlas Online Weathering Academy. Topics include basic weathering and advanced subjects addressing specific weathering issues, technologies, and applications. Each one-hour seminar is followed by a question-and-answer session. Multiple dates are available.

View the Atlas
education calendar

Natural Polymers and Thixotropic Agents

Acme Hardesty's VerOH® product line offers improved hydrophobicity for water-repellent applications and is a great carrier for incorporating high levels of solids without significantly increasing viscosity. VerOH® polyols offer an alternative to conventional polyols and can reduce your carbon footprint by over a third!


Enhance the Performance of Your Epoxy Formulations with the Newest Systems from Westlake Epoxy, Formerly Hexion Coatings & Composites

The INFINIUM™ Epoxy System is a lower yellowing, two-component, ambient-cure system with improved hardness development. This system, comprised of EPON LY™ Resin 1810 combined with EPIKURE LY™ Curing Agent 3801, provides excellent epoxy performance and superior overnight cure.

Key features include lower yellowing, faster reactivity, and reduced application costs.


Chem-Fuse Diaphragm from Wilden

When determining the level of performance your AODD pump can provide to your paint and coatings operation, selecting the right type of diaphragm is significant to delivering an elevated level of pumping performance. That’s why Wilden® has engineered its Chem-Fuse Diaphragms to deliver increased performance, reliability, safety, and cost effectiveness – lasting up to 3x longer than conventional diaphragms, increasing flow and suction lift by 100% compared to PTFE laminate diaphragms, and providing easy cleanability for changeovers between products. Wilden Chem-Fuse Diaphragms also eliminate a potential leak point at the outer piston, making them the best choice for coatings applications.


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