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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

High Shear & Flow for Efficient Dispersion

An Admix Rotosolver® for dispersion prior to media milling will improve your process over conventional methods. The Rotosolver in-tank disperser is engineered for wetting out powders and eliminating agglomerates in minutes. The results are reductions in energy consumption, batch times, media mill maintenance, and media mill screen clogging.


Water-Based Polymers and Adhesives

Specialty Polymers is a manufacturer of water-based polymers and adhesives. Our products are customized to meet the most demanding needs from customers, and our employees are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. We pride ourselves on being an innovative, responsive, and flexible supplier of high-quality products.


Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical is proud to announce that the BASF Color & Effects division will become part of our team to create an expanded expertise fully focused on pigments. Together, we will take a fresh look at innovations, sustainable solutions, global manufacturing and local collaboration.

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Enhance your Industrial Coatings with WACKER’s SILRES® Resins

WACKER’s SILRES® liquid resins, powder coatings resins and intermediates are designed to optimize coating systems to meet the highest requirements.

Benefits of SILRES® binders:

• Heat resistance up to 650 °C, combined with perfect adhesion
• Durability under extreme temperature variations
• Long-lasting corrosion protection
• UV and weathering resistance
• Low-VOC formulations possible

For more information, visit


Outdoor Accelerated Weathering Testing

The UA-EMMA outdoor testing device provides approximately 10-12 years of South Florida UV radiation exposure in a single year.

The ultra-accelerated EMMA device tracks the sun while concentrating reflected sunlight on test specimens mounted in a target area.

Atlas also offers Ultra-Accelerated EMMAQUA testing. This premium outdoor weathering device has the capabilities of the UA-EMMA with an added spray feature as found in our trademark EMMAQUA® system.


Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test Kit

The Gardco Paint Adhesion Test Kit, also known as the P.A.T. Kit, is a visual cross hatch adhesion test kit used for evaluating the adhesion of paints and coatings. The specially designed handle is perfect for conducting cross cuts, small square cuts, into a coating in order to test its lateral bonding in accordance with the ASTM Test Method D3359 B and DIN Standard No. 53151. We offer several different cutter-blades for you to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your application.


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