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Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

ENCOR® 317 High-Performance Vinyl Acrylic from Arkema

ENCOR® 317 high-performance vinyl acrylic is a new binder that meets Master Painters Institute® standards (based on internal studies and testing) in interior coating formulations. With this new product, Arkema is making it easier for formulators to win the bid and meet higher paint quality standards with more versatile and cost-efficient materials.

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High Shear and Flow for Efficient Dispersion

Compared to conventional dispersion prior to media milling, the high-shear Rotosolver® will improve your process! The Rotosolver® in-tank disperser is engineered for wetting out of powders and eliminating agglomerates in just minutes. The results are reduced energy consumption, batch times, maintenance on your media mills, and media mill screen clogging.

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K-FLEX®: Road to VOC Compliance

Use K-FLEX® to achieve 250 g/L VOC limit without exempt solvents for your automotive refinish clearcoats. K-FLEX® 100% active diols from King Industries produce high gloss films with excellent flexibility, long-term weatherability, and corrosion resistance. Contact King’s knowledgeable technical service and development team to help you reach your low VOC formulating goals.

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Introducing the Wilden® SafeGuard™ Remote Performance Monitoring and Alert System

Wilden® SafeGuard™ is the industry’s first AODD IoT-enabled remote performance monitoring and alert system. Wilden SafeGuard is an all-inclusive pump-monitoring system that remotely tracks, records and alerts customers to key AODD pump performance indicators – such as leak detection, stroke rate and total stroke count – at all times of operation via continuous Cloud connectivity as a way to address and prevent operational shortcomings that can result in costly pump failures. It is a true game-changer in optimizing AODD pump performance, reliability, maintenance, and operating costs.



Deliver Precise and Repeatable Color

How do you currently control the color and appearance of effect paints? Precise color tools are necessary to set and achieve tight tolerances. With X-Rite’s MA-5 QC spectrophotometer you can quickly evaluate drawdowns of metallic colors and special effects to ensure color accuracy and visual harmony across the supply chain.

Meet MA-5 QC

How to Use It

Atlas Online Weathering Academy

Continuing Atlas’ long tradition of providing weathering-related online seminars, we have developed new seminars for our clients to introduce the fundamentals of natural and accelerated weathering. These seminars will broadcast at different dates and times. Each seminar will be followed by a question-and answer session. Attendance to the online seminars is free!

To register, simply click here.


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